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Donaldson P182002 Primary Air Filter Commitment

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Product Details

Cross References A E C WHITLOCK W00011812 AG CHEM EQUIPMENT 27407 AGCO 07721517 AGCO 7721517 AGCO AG027407 ALLIS CHALMERS 659386 AMC 491NNA AMC AE16070 AMC AE22120 AMC SFA1002P AMC SFA7033SET ASSOCIATE AUTOMOTIVE XBU1623 ATLAS COPCO 1310032430 ATLAS COPCO 2934998609 ATLAS COPCO 353450 ATLAS COPCO 5535345000 ATLAS COPCO 9826095048 AUSTOFT 180935 BADGER 76041812 BALDWIN LL1846 BAUDOUIN STC67511002 BELL EQUIPMENT 20947 BELL EQUIPMENT 220947 BLOUNT 30004243 CAMECO 0061324807 CAMECO 0061384978 CAMECO 1324807 CAMECO AT253843 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 151849120 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 1849120 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 1930761 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 707721517 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL A0850528 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL D6250506 CATERPILLAR 30004243 CATERPILLAR 3I0892 CENTURY II 1046Z670 CHAMPION LABORATORIES LAF6632XL CHARDONNET 7218103400 CLARK 061805694 CLARK 1529585 CLARK 3664919 CLARK 946857 COLT 123353050 COOPERS AZA153T CUMMINS AF0000472M D A PRODUCTS PTY LTD XBU1623 DAEWOO 47400004A DEMAG 00528374069 DENYO P117443 DEUTZ 07721517 DEUTZ 09947261 DONALDSON P117443 DORMAN 12P5514 EIMCO 920A200101 ENMTP CPG 550891614 EUCLID 11993584 EUCLID 6920340 EXMAN 491NNA EXMAN AE16070 EXMAN AE16440 EXMAN AE22120 EXMAN SFA1002P EXMAN SFA7033SET EXXEL PTY LTD 14440006 FIAT 07721517 FIAT 1849120 FIAT 70659387 FIAT 707721517 FIELD QUEEN 73430 FILTRAUTO UK 9503 FLEETGUARD AF472M FLEETRITE AFR84506M FLEETRITE AFR8472M FODEN Y03583806 FORD 9576P181002 FORD 9576P182002 FORD D0HZ9601H Air Filters Product Attributes Outer Diameter: 12.09 Inches (307.09 MM) Inner Diameter: 7.73 Inches (196.34 MM) Length: 18 Inches (457.2 MM) Width: N/A Height: N/A Depth: N/A Overall length: 18.5 Inches (469.9 MM) Bolt Hole Diameter: 0.66 Inches (16.76 MM) Efficiency: 99.9 Percent Efficiency Test Std: ISO 5011 Alternate Part: EAF5002-ENDURANCE ULTRA-WEB Alternate Part: P181002-STANDARD VERSION Primary Application: LONG LIFE VERSION OF P181002 Price Type: F Related Part: P119372 SAFETY Packaged Dimensions Country of Origin: US (United States) Gross Length in Inches: 14.4 Gross Height in Inches: 19.5 Gross Weight in Pounds: 9.55 Gross Width in Inches: 14.3

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