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"Found you guys while looking for a replacement filter. I had to double check to make sure your prices were right because they were about 20% less than the store I purchase from. Thanks so much for the great pricing and service and thank Tom for specifically helping me with quick shipping."
Bob Norris
Pueblo, Colorado

"Thank you so much for finding my part so quickly even through it wasn't on your site. The pricing was just right!"
Whitney Jenson
Grove City, Ohio

"Thanks for the great service and the quick shipping. We look forward to using your site for our company's truck part needs from here on out."
Sean Bowser
Dallas, Texas

"So glad I found this site! I will be purchasing all my Donaldson Filters here and it's great to hear that you will be carrying WIX Product as well. Buying from you is gonna save my department some big $$$."
Tom "TJ" Jenkins
Buffalo, NY

"AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! If you need anything just contact Tom and he will find exactly what you are looking for at a GREAT price! I looked on this site for an oil filter and after talking with Tom personally on the phone he will have my business from now on."
Gavin W.
St.Peters, MO

"Truly the best customer service I have ever received. Tom is the man. I've ordered from 3 times - their prices are awesome - what a great experience!"
Todd Hirschberg
Wheeling, WV

"Love Your Prices and Service. Can't believe my local NAPA Shop was charging me 40% more. Even with shipping I am saving over 25%!!!"
Bobby H.
Amarillo, TX

"1 Word - Great!"
Eugene Love
Seattle, WA

"I can't believe how easy it was for my Tree Service Company to save literally hundreds of dollars. I logged on, chose my filters, paid for them and received them at my door 3 days later. I'm telling all my other small business owner friends...Thanks!"
Juan Castillo
Bethpage, NY

"Best Bendix Pricing Around...I will be back..."
Jim Fallon
East Rutherford, NJ

"The Internet is the greatest thing. I am an old time truck driver that has been in the business for over 40 years. I can't believe how my local truck supply company was stealing from me for all these years. I will continue to come back and save $$$. I can't wipe the grin off my face."
Sam Jackson
Tupelo, MS

"A Great Shopping Experience..Period. Easy to navigate and find what I was looking for and Great Prices. I'll be back."
BJ Schneck
Pittsburgh, PA

"After dealing with 3 other companies that either lied to me about shipping times or stole $$$ from me, I found a company that did neither. I am staying with these folks!"
Billy Smith
Hagerstown, MS

"Great Experience - I'll be back - nuff said."
Ranger Haas
San Luis Obispo, CA

"I usually don't take the time to give feedback on these types of sites, but I just wanted to say that dealing with these folks was a great experience. Needless to say, I'll come back when I need more filters."
Ely Samuelson
Fargo, ND

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