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Donaldson P181071 Air Filter

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Product Details

Cross References AC A285CL AC PC170 AGCO 71136161 AIR REFINER ARM101066 AIR REFINER ARM811K AIR SUPPLY COMP 121950 ALLIS CHALMERS 01136161 ALLIS CHALMERS 1132849 ALLIS CHALMERS 1136161 ALLIS CHALMERS 1336161 ALLIS CHALMERS 301799 ALLIS CHALMERS 3039921 ALLIS CHALMERS 71132849 AMERICAN HOIST & DERRICK 301799 AMERICAN HOIST & DERRICK 304052 AMERICAN HOIST & DERRICK E380039 AMERICAN PARTS 1086 AMERICAN PARTS 299 AMERICAN PARTS 93066 AMERICAN PARTS 988 AP LOCKHEED AP3421 AP LOCKHEED AP3421A AP LOCKHEED LK3421 AUSTIN WESTERN AW035125 AUSTIN WESTERN PGF17151 AUSTIN WESTERN PGF17747 BALDWIN PA1614 BALDWIN PA1614OPC BIG A 1086 BIG A 299 BIG A 93066 BIG A 988 BLACKWOOD HODGE SA 32200706 BROS E230011 BROS E380039 BUFFALO-SPRINGFIELD 853521037 BUFFALO-SPRINGFIELD 19870 BUFFALO-SPRINGFIELD 853521020 CANADIAN FILTER CFM111 CAN-CAR P101066 CARQUEST 87066 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 1414261 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 4502874R91 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL S0250532 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL XA83965 CATERPILLAR 0687742 CATERPILLAR 3I0822 CATERPILLAR 3R1271 CATERPILLAR 3R2253 CATERPILLAR 661433 CATERPILLAR 682995 CATERPILLAR 687742 CATERPILLAR 9Y7815 CHAMP AF66 CHAMP LAF66 CHAMPION LABORATORIES AF66 CHAMPION LABORATORIES LAF66 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC 000P1982 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC 3PS2649 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC P1982 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC P198255 CLARK 1722458 CLARK 895989 CLARK AW035125 CLARK AWO35125 CLARK PGF17151 CLARK PGF17747 CLARK, J.L. AW035125 CLARK, J.L. AWO35125 CONTINENTAL B427F510 CONTINENTAL PCA225 CONTINENTAL SD802F544 CONTINENTAL SD802F546 COOP AP101066K COOP PMA101066K COOPERS AG317 COOPERS AZA505 COOPERS AZB050 COOPERS DU1000S CROSLAND 9528 CUMMINS 150778 CUMMINS 151606 CUMMINS 163978 CUMMINS 299349 CUMMINS 705170 CYCLONE PMA101066K DART SMP181071 DELUXE AF528 DELUXE AFK528 DELUXE K528AIR DEUTZ 71136161 DIAMOND REO 2574H2 DIAMOND T 2574H2 DIAMOND T 2574H22 DIAMOND T 3094H2X DIVCO 3038 DIVCO 6038 DOMINION 6038 DORMAN L551F4 DRESSER 264199C92 DRESSER 4502874R91 DRESSER 78040 DYNAPAC 335665 DYNAPAC PCA25001 DYNAPAC PCA2501 EATON 2042076 EATON 2046981 EATON 2054358 EATON 5082088 EATON 6950639 ELGIN AY2870 EUROFILTER 1003 EUROFILTER 40089 EUROFILTER E1003 FAIRMONT RAILWAY MOTORS F17765K FIAT 0113616 FIAT 1132848 FIAT 113616 FIAT 1336161 FIAT 1414261 FIAT 70113616 FIAT 70301799 FIAT 71132848 FIAT 71136191 FILT A2328 FLEETGUARD AF349 FLEETLIFE FA1066 FLEETRITE AFR8349 FMC 1414261 FODEN Y02219701 FORD 1414261 FRAM CA225 FRANKLIN P101066 Air Filters Product Attributes Outer Diameter: 8.4 Inches (213.36 MM) Inner Diameter: 5.79 Inches (147.07 MM) Length: 11 Inches (279.4 MM) Width: N/A Height: N/A Depth: N/A Overall length: N/A Bolt Hole Diameter: 0.53 Inches (13.46 MM) Efficiency: 99.9 Percent Efficiency Test Std: ISO 5011 Alternate Part: P182071-LONG LIFE Primary Application: DONALDSON SBG10 DONACLONE A/C Price Type: F Packaged Dimensions Country of Origin: US (United States) Gross Length in Inches: 9.9 Gross Height in Inches: 14.4 Gross Weight in Pounds: 3.25 Gross Width in Inches: 9.7


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