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Donaldson P181041 Air Filter

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Product Details

Cross References A P PARTS AP3518A AC A417C AC A417CL AC A542C AGCO 207002177 AGCO 207002187 AIR REFINER AR059 AIR REFINER ARM109086 AIR REFINER ARM117580 AIR REFINER ARM181041 ALCO MD512 ALCO MD9950 ALCOA MARINE HA668 ALLIS CHALMERS 00667690 ALLIS CHALMERS 0663856 ALLIS CHALMERS 0667686 ALLIS CHALMERS 0674967 ALLIS CHALMERS 0685794 ALLIS CHALMERS 663856 ALLIS CHALMERS 667686 ALLIS CHALMERS 674967 ALLIS CHALMERS 6749675 ALLIS CHALMERS 685793 ALLIS CHALMERS 70663856 ALLIS CHALMERS 70674967 AMC HA668 AMERICAN PARTS 921 AMERICAN PARTS 93225 AP LOCKHEED AP3518A AP LOCKHEED LK3518 ARMAFILT L3084120 ASAHI A668 ATLAS COPCO 5540963600 BALDWIN PA1886 BANTA ASSOCIATES VY3537 BIG A 921 BIG A 93225 BOBCAT-MELROE 900002 BOMAG 5730107 CANADIAN FILTER CFM276 CANADIAN FILTER CFM608 CARBOCOL 001175447 CARBOCOL 949525 CARQUEST 87225 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 702864C1 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL F850568 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL P8508568 CATERPILLAR 3I0252 CATERPILLAR 3I0794 CATERPILLAR 3I0966 CATERPILLAR 6N6064 CHAMP AF9086 CHAMP LAF9086 CHAMPION LABORATORIES AF9086 CHAMPION LABORATORIES LAF9086 CHAMPION ROAD 56151 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC 13PS4670P CHICAGO PNEUMATIC 1PS467 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC 57PS4670 CLEAN MA520 COMPAIR 4710047 CONTINENTAL PCA535 COOP AP109086 COOP PMA109086 COOPERS AZA510 CROSLAND 9572 CYCLONE PMA109086 DART SMP181042 DELUXE 765AIR DELUXE AF765 DIAMOND DX380 DIAMOND REO DX380 DIAMOND T DX380 DIVCO 10881 DIVCO 15924 DOMINION 10881 DOMINION 15924 DYNAPAC 499513 EATON 2074151 EIMCO 04710047 EIMCO D2NP181041 EUCLID 120001490 EUCLID 4003986 EUCLID 4012631 EUCLID 9034529 EUCLID 9035429 EUCLID 9038899 EUCLID 9059563 EUCLID 9243828 EUCLID 9260781 EUCLID EG82665 EUROFILTER 145 EUROFILTER 16438 EUROFILTER E145 FAUN 746546 FIAAM FLI6599 FIAT 0667690 FIAT 104413 FIAT 1901780 FIAT 667686 FIAT 667690 FIAT 674967 FIAT 70663856 FIAT 70667686 FIAT 70667690 FIAT 78332987 FIAT 8322987 FIAT 9231300 FILT A2431 FISPA FAC930 FLEETGUARD AA2908 FLEETGUARD AF421 FLEETGUARD AF4775 FLEETLIFE FA109086 FLEETLIFE FA22839 FLEETLIFE FA9086 FLEETRITE AAR82908 FLEETRITE AFR8421 FLEETRITE AFR84707 FLEETRITE AFR84775 FRAM CA535 Air Filters Product Attributes Outer Diameter: 12.09 Inches (307.09 MM) Inner Diameter: 7.73 Inches (196.34 MM) Length: 16 Inches (406.4 MM) Width: N/A Height: N/A Depth: N/A Overall length: 16.5 Inches (419.1 MM) Bolt Hole Diameter: 0.9 Inches (22.86 MM) Efficiency: 99.9 Percent Efficiency Test Std: ISO 5011 Alternate Part: EAF5041-ENDURANCE ULTRA-WEB Alternate Part: P182041-LONG LIFE Primary Application: DONALDSON STG14 DONACLONE A/C Price Type: F Related Part: P119370 SAFETY Packaged Dimensions Country of Origin: US (United States) Gross Length in Inches: 12.8 Gross Height in Inches: 17.7 Gross Weight in Pounds: 7.65 Gross Width in Inches: 12.8


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