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Donaldson P119372 Air Filter

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Product Details

Cross References A P PARTS AP3015A AC A430C AG CHEM EQUIPMENT 721012 AGCO 07721525 AGCO 7721525 AIR MAZE AMA1791 AIR MAZE AMA471 AIR REFINER AR138 AIR REFINER ARM106641 AIR SUPPLY COMP 121779 AIR SUPPLY COMP P119732 ALCO MD372 ALCOA MARINE KA1608 ALLIS CHALMERS 0197569S ALLIS CHALMERS 01975888 ALLIS CHALMERS 0198780 ALLIS CHALMERS 0198780S ALLIS CHALMERS 0659386S ALLIS CHALMERS 197588 ALLIS CHALMERS 1975888 ALLIS CHALMERS 70197588 AMC AE16120 AMC KA1608 AMC SFA9372S AMERICAN CRANE CORPORATION 832251 AMERICAN CRANE CORPORATION 834644 AMERICAN HOIST & DERRICK 834644 AMERICAN PARTS 415 AMERICAN PARTS 93423 AP LOCKHEED AP3015A AP LOCKHEED LK3015 ARMAFILT L1864500 ASAHI KA1608 ASAHI KA1623 ASAHI KA1637 ASSOCIATE AUTOMOTIVE XBU1624 ASTEC 3014051067 ASTEC UNDERGROUND 3014051067 ATLAS COPCO 1310032431 ATLAS COPCO 2914500900 ATLAS COPCO 2934998610 ATLAS COPCO 363282 ATLAS COPCO 5536328200 ATLAS COPCO 9826095049 ATLAS WEYHAUSEN 2654468 ATLAS WEYHAUSEN 277004 AUSTOFT 180936 BALDWIN PA1880 BELL EQUIPMENT 20948 BELL EQUIPMENT 220948 BELL EQUIPMENT SA 220948 BENATI 1849121 BIG A 415 BIG A 93423 BLACKWOOD HODGE SA 9049490 BLOUNT 30004244 BOSCH 1987430062 BOSCH 9451160062 BUS INDUSTRIES C0741501AC CAMECO 0061324804 CAMECO 1324804 CANADIAN FILTER CFM324 CARBOCOL 000012518 CARBOCOL 35109271 CARQUEST 87423 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 151849121 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 1849121 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 28030 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 2830 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 3039972R1 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 70197588 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 707721525 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 73431 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL 850529 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL E6250507 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL MO850529 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL M0850529 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL N0850529 CASE-IH CNH GLOBAL P850529 CATERPILLAR 30004244 CATERPILLAR 3I0125 CATERPILLAR 3I1428 CATERPILLAR 3I1432 CATERPILLAR 5E2991 CATERPILLAR 9Y6803 CATERPILLAR G22040032 CENTURY II E6250507 CHAMP AF6641 CHAMP LAF6641 CHAMPION LABORATORIES AF6641 CHAMPION LABORATORIES LAF6641 CLARK 1514669 CLARK 949363 CLARK, J.L. 949363 CLEAN MA707 CMI 1021006611 CMI P1021006611 COGEMA 277004 COLT 123353052 COMPAIR 43779 COMPAIR 9826250460001 COMPAIR CZ43779 CONSOLIDATED DIESEL COMPANY M8174 CONTINENTAL PCA502SY COOP AP106641 COOP PMA106641 COOPERS AZA323T COOPERS AZC350 COOPERS DU1954 COUGLAR INDUSTRIES E02420307009 CROSLAND 9574 CROSLAND 9689 CUMMINS 204636 CUMMINS 204664 CUMMINS 3013207 CUMMINS AF0000471M CYCLONE PMA106641 D A PRODUCTS PTY LTD XBU1624 DAEWOO 47400005A DELUXE 738 DELUXE AF738 DENYO P106641 DEUTZ 07721525 DEUTZ 09947262 DONIT 4930509 DRESSER 3039972R1 DRESSER 441094C1 EATON 2082398 EATON 6953031 EIMCO 114398 ENGINAIRE EN16E2 ENMTP CPG 550891714 ENMTP CPG 7364116 ERF (E.R.F.) 942786 EUCLID 4785921 EUCLID 4789521 EUCLID 9034223 EUCLID 9049490 EUCLID 9229213 EUROFILTER 40066 EUROFILTER 910 EXMAN AE16120 EXMAN SFA9372S EXXEL PTY LTD 14440007 FIAAM FL16513 FIAAM FL6513 FIAAM FLI6513 FIAT 0197588 FIAT 07721525 FIAT 151849121 FIAT 1849121 FIAT 197586 FIAT 197822 FIAT 198780 FIAT 659386 FIAT 70197588 FIAT 707721525 FIAT 76590430 FIAT 7721525 FIAT 77721525 FIAT-ALLIS 70197588 FIELD QUEEN 73323 FIELD QUEEN 73431 FIL HP463 FILT A2424 FILTRAUTO UK 9574 FILTRAUTO UK 9689 FINN EQUIPMENT FFA10792B FINN EQUIPMENT FFA792B FINN FILTER FFA10792B FINN FILTER FFA792B FLEETGUARD AA2920 FLEETGUARD AF471 FLEETGUARD AF471M FLEETLIFE FA106641 FLEETLIFE FA6641 FLEETRITE AAR82920 FLEETRITE AFR81791 FLEETRITE AFR8471M FODEN Y05689004 FORD 9576P119372 FRAM CA5023SY FRAM CA502SY FRAM CA6318 FREIGHTLINER DNP119372 Air Filters Product Attributes Outer Diameter: 7.28 Inches (184.91 MM) Inner Diameter: 6.2 Inches (157.48 MM) Length: 17.7 Inches (449.58 MM) Width: N/A Efficiency: N/A Efficiency Test Std: ISO 5011 Primary Application: DONALDSON FHG16 CYCLOPAC Price Type: F Related Part: P181002 PRIMARY Packaged Dimensions Country of Origin: US (United States) Gross Length in Inches: 9.1 Gross Height in Inches: 19.3 Gross Weight in Pounds: 3.5 Gross Width in Inches: 9


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