Keep Moving!

February 17, 2021 2 min read

Keep Moving!

Being a trucker means sitting for long periods in the driver's seat. This will usually lead to feeling uncomfortable and tired most of the time due to the limited movement. There will be times that this will cause body aches and pains due to fatigue and stress. It is important to have a comfortable sitting position and to follow proper ergonomics while operating any vehicle not just trucks. Because driving vehicles allow little to no movement, we are encouraged to engage in stretches and exercises in or outside the vehicle.

After spending long hours in the same position, cramped and with a little wiggle room can be surprisingly rough on the driver's body. Common complaints include stiffness of the back and neck area, headaches, and signs of fatigue. It's amazing how exhausted a trucker or any driver will feel after sitting in a vehicle all day! The best way to ward these off is to take some time to get the blood circulation pumping and get those muscles working.

There are tons of information on the web on how to perform these isometric exercises while on the road. These exercises require minimal equipment and space whether you do it inside the privacy of the truck, or outside during one of your truck stops, this will provide a great cardio workout and will result in better blood circulation.

Hours on the road don't have to get in the way of doing simple exercise routines. Making the most of the few minutes you have available on the road will make the trip more interesting and will provide a boost of energy and help you feel better as you are doing something good for your body as a whole. Safe travels!

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