Choose Better Quality!

April 14, 2021 1 min read

Choose Better Quality!

When J.A. was in Detroit, working for car companies, he and his friend decided to create a product to sell. They made a better carburetor designed by themselves and sold them as their side business. After serving in the war, he developed and supervised the construction of six front-wheel-drive cars. And his concept of a carburetor design became an industry standard.

In 1936, he opened a one-room factory in Wisconsin to improve, build, and market filters.  This concept of improving and building a better product made J.A. develop a cartridge lube filter, one of the best for its time. When they moved to Kearney, Nebraska in 1953 to take advantage of the central location, the Baldwin Filters plant expanded many times to accommodate the company’s rapid growth.

A multi-million-dollar technical center was added for research and testing to create and improve their products with unsurpassed quality. Baldwin Filters meets or exceeds its customers' expectations by providing high-quality filtration products supported by outstanding customer service, support, and follow-up.

Today, Baldwin stands for quality, performance, and dependability.

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