Vehicle Fitment:
25-50/ air-and-fuel-delivery-1/ air-filters/ all/ filters/ Infiniti-QX56-2004/ Infiniti-QX56-2005/ Infiniti-QX56-2006/ Infiniti-QX56-2007/ Infiniti-QX56-2008/ Infiniti-QX56-2009/ Infiniti-QX56-2010/ k-n/ Nissan-Armada-2005/ Nissan-Armada-2006/ Nissan-Armada-2007/ Nissan-Armada-2008/ Nissan-Armada-2009/ Nissan-Armada-2010/ Nissan-Armada-2011/ Nissan-Armada-2012/ Nissan-Armada-2013/ Nissan-Frontier-2005/ Nissan-Frontier-2006/ Nissan-Frontier-2007/ Nissan-Frontier-2008/ Nissan-Frontier-2009/ Nissan-Frontier-2010/ Nissan-Frontier-2011/ Nissan-Frontier-2012/ Nissan-Frontier-2013/ Nissan-Frontier-2014/ Nissan-NV1500-2012/ Nissan-NV1500-2013/ Nissan-NV2500-2012/ Nissan-NV2500-2013/ Nissan-NV3500-2012/ Nissan-NV3500-2013/ Nissan-Pathfinder-2005/ Nissan-Pathfinder-2006/ Nissan-Pathfinder-2007/ Nissan-Pathfinder-2008/ Nissan-Pathfinder-2009/ Nissan-Pathfinder-2010/ Nissan-Pathfinder-2011/ Nissan-Pathfinder-2012/ Nissan-Titan-2004/ Nissan-Titan-2005/ Nissan-Titan-2006/ Nissan-Titan-2007/ Nissan-Titan-2008/ Nissan-Titan-2009/ Nissan-Titan-2010/ Nissan-Titan-2011/ Nissan-Titan-2012/ Nissan-Titan-2013/ Nissan-Xterra-2005/ Nissan-Xterra-2006/ Nissan-Xterra-2007/ Nissan-Xterra-2008/ Nissan-Xterra-2009/ Nissan-Xterra-2010/ Nissan-Xterra-2011/ Nissan-Xterra-2012/ Nissan-Xterra-2013/ Suzuki-Equator-2009/ Suzuki-Equator-2010/ Suzuki-Equator-2011/ Suzuki-Equator-2012/



K&N 33-2286 Factory Style Replacement Air Filter

For more than four decades K&N's oil-impregnated cotton/gauze air filters have been known to performance enthusiast as Filter chargers - air filters that pass so much air to your engine they provide a supercharger effect. Properly cared for, your K&N Air Filter will outlast the life of your vehicle and save you money from replacing O.E. style air filters.

  • Designed to boost horsepower and rate of acceleration
  • Washable reusable filter
  • Lasts up to 50, 000 miles before cleaning, depending on driving conditions
  • K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • Will NOT void vehicle warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA


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