Vehicle Fitment:
100-250/ all/ bilstein/ Chevrolet-P30-1975/ Chevrolet-P30-1976/ Chevrolet-P30-1977/ Chevrolet-P30-1978/ Chevrolet-P30-1979/ Chevrolet-P30-1980/ Chevrolet-P30-1981/ Chevrolet-P30-1982/ Chevrolet-P30-1983/ Chevrolet-P30-1984/ Chevrolet-P30-1985/ Chevrolet-P30-1986/ Chevrolet-P30-1987/ Chevrolet-P30-1988/ Chevrolet-P30-1989/ Chevrolet-P30-1990/ Chevrolet-P30-1991/ Chevrolet-P30-1992/ Chevrolet-P30-1993/ Chevrolet-P30-1994/ Chevrolet-P30-1995/ Chevrolet-P30-1996/ Chevrolet-P30-1997/ Chevrolet-P30-1998/ Chevrolet-P30-1999/ GMC-P3500-1979/ GMC-P3500-1980/ GMC-P3500-1981/ GMC-P3500-1982/ GMC-P3500-1983/ GMC-P3500-1984/ GMC-P3500-1985/ GMC-P3500-1986/ GMC-P3500-1987/ GMC-P3500-1988/ GMC-P3500-1989/ GMC-P3500-1990/ GMC-P3500-1991/ GMC-P3500-1992/ GMC-P3500-1993/ GMC-P3500-1994/ GMC-P3500-1995/ GMC-P3500-1996/ GMC-P3500-1997/ GMC-P3500-1998/ GMC-P3500-1999/ shock-absorbers/ shocks-and-struts/ steering-and-suspension-1/



Bilstein 24-252898 Shock Absorber B6 Performance

Shock GM P Chassis Motorhome F;B6 Shock Absorber 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber B6 Performance - Shock Absorber Chevrolet P10 1980-1975, P10 Series 1967-1963, P10 Van 1974-1968, P20 1989-1975, P20 Van 1974-1973, P30 1999-1975, P30 Van 1974-1973, GMC P15 1978-1975, P15/P1500 Van 1974-1967, P25 1978-1975, P25/P2500 Van 1974-1973, P35 1978-1975, P35/P3500 Van 1974-1973, P1500 1980-1979, P2500 1989-1979, P3500 1999-1979, PB15 Series 1966, PB1000 Series 1965-1963, Workhorse P30 2005-2000, P32 2005-1999 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber Bilstein B6 Performance gas pressure shock absorbers and struts are the ideal choice for most vehicles, including full-size sedans, SUVs and trucks. These shock absorbers and struts provide improved handling and stability, without sacrificing ride comfort. Bilstein B6 Performance shock absorbers offer superior damping ability that makes them ideal for the driver who demands superior performance, while maintaining an exceptional street ride.


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