Vehicle Fitment:
100-250/ all/ bilstein/ Dodge-B150-1981/ Dodge-B150-1982/ Dodge-B150-1983/ Dodge-B150-1984/ Dodge-B150-1985/ Dodge-B150-1986/ Dodge-B150-1987/ Dodge-B150-1988/ Dodge-B150-1989/ Dodge-B150-1990/ Dodge-B150-1991/ Dodge-B150-1992/ Dodge-B150-1993/ Dodge-B150-1994/ Dodge-B1500-1995/ Dodge-B1500-1996/ Dodge-B1500-1997/ Dodge-B1500-1998/ Dodge-B250-1981/ Dodge-B250-1982/ Dodge-B250-1983/ Dodge-B250-1984/ Dodge-B250-1985/ Dodge-B250-1986/ Dodge-B250-1987/ Dodge-B250-1988/ Dodge-B250-1989/ Dodge-B250-1990/ Dodge-B250-1991/ Dodge-B250-1992/ Dodge-B250-1993/ Dodge-B250-1994/ Dodge-B2500-1995/ Dodge-B2500-1996/ Dodge-B2500-1997/ Dodge-B2500-1998/ Dodge-B350-1981/ Dodge-B350-1982/ Dodge-B350-1983/ Dodge-B350-1984/ Dodge-B350-1985/ Dodge-B350-1986/ Dodge-B350-1987/ Dodge-B350-1988/ Dodge-B350-1989/ Dodge-B350-1990/ Dodge-B350-1991/ Dodge-B350-1992/ Dodge-B350-1993/ Dodge-B350-1994/ Dodge-B3500-1995/ Dodge-B3500-1996/ Dodge-B3500-1997/ Dodge-B3500-1998/ Dodge-Ram-1500-Van-1995/ Dodge-Ram-1500-Van-1996/ Dodge-Ram-1500-Van-1997/ Dodge-Ram-1500-Van-1998/ Dodge-Ram-1500-Van-1999/ Dodge-Ram-1500-Van-2000/ Dodge-Ram-1500-Van-2001/ Dodge-Ram-1500-Van-2002/ Dodge-Ram-1500-Van-2003/ Dodge-Ram-2500-Van-1996/ Dodge-Ram-2500-Van-1997/ Dodge-Ram-2500-Van-1998/ Dodge-Ram-2500-Van-1999/ Dodge-Ram-2500-Van-2000/ Dodge-Ram-2500-Van-2001/ Dodge-Ram-2500-Van-2002/ Dodge-Ram-2500-Van-2003/ Dodge-Ram-3500-Van-1996/ Dodge-Ram-3500-Van-1997/ Dodge-Ram-3500-Van-1998/ Dodge-Ram-3500-Van-1999/ Dodge-Ram-3500-Van-2000/ Dodge-Ram-3500-Van-2001/ Dodge-Ram-3500-Van-2002/ Dodge-Ram-3500-Van-2003/ shock-absorbers/ shocks-and-struts/ steering-and-suspension-1/



Bilstein 24-184670 Shock Absorber B6 4600

Shock Dodge B300 Van;R;B6 Shock Absorber 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber B6 4600 - Shock Absorber Dodge B100 1980-1975, B100 Van 1974-1971, B150 1994-1981, B200 1980-1975, B200 Van 1974-1971, B250 1994-1981, B300 1980-1975, B300 Van 1974-1971, B350 1994-1981, B1500 1998-1995, B2500 1998-1995, B3500 1998-1995, Ram 1500 Van 2003-1995, Ram 2500 Van 2003-1996, Ram 3500 Van 1997-1996, Ram 3500 Van 2003-1999 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber Bilstein B6 4600 gas pressure shock absorbers and struts are designed specifically to help your truck, van or SUV reach its pinnacle in ride performance and handling, while still providing the comfortable ride that has come to be expected from the name Bilstein. A vehicle equipped with B6 4600 shock absorbers offers superior control compared to conventional alternatives, allowing you to keep cargo secure; from your kids to work equipment, mile after mile. Utilizing our patented design, the shock absorbers allow the vehicle to glide over every type of road surface you may encounter while maintaining complete command at all times. Bilstein B6 4600 shock absorbers are the least expensive and most effective upgrade to extend the service life of any vehicle out on the road today.NOTES

GVW up to and above 8300 lbs.


Perfect for last minute gifts or that hard to shop for person in your life.

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