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Pro Comp Suspension


Pro Comp Suspension 51249 Drive Shaft Front Driveshaft Upgrade Kit

Pro Comp Suspensions 51249 - Driveshaft Cv Style Front

Pro Comp Front CV Replacement Driveshafts will allow for vehicle operation in 4WD at speeds above 25 mph and will reduce the potential for driveline vibration. The factory drive shaft ball and cage design joint is replaced with #1310 style u-joints allowing for a stronger engagement, increasing the range of motion, and improving seal and driveline life. Exclusive yokes, not flange adapters, are used to allow for a longer drive shaft. The drive shafts are manufactured from 2.00" x 0.120" DOM (drawn-over-mandrel) steel tube and the kits come complete with necessary installation hardware.

Note: TDot Performance is an authorized dealer of all Pro Comp products, so your new product will include the full factory warranty. What more? We are proudly Canadian but have warehouses in both Canada & USA, so whether you are Canadian or American, you WILL NOT pay any Custom, Duties or Brokerage fees

Pro Comp USA was founded in 1992 and has since then manufactured high-quality, durable products for both on and off road enthusiasts. Pro Comp products include tires, wheels, suspension systems, shocks, and more!

  • Front Driveshaft Upgrade Kit


    Incl. Differential Brackets; 37.81 in. U-Joint Center To End Of Slip Joint

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